ZOODY, pronounced like “as the land” in Chinese, comes from a slang in Sanskirt “Make the heart as wide as the land.”

When everyone travels to a distant place to chase a dream, we stay where we are, creating an exquisite era of our own. When everyone overly pursues fashion and trend, they forget to retrospect and discover the unique beauty they already possess. Let the style come back to us, not just be some hollow symbols or spiritless products surrendering to consumerism. Let every wearer take on a genuine appear of style.

Shoe is an art, a vessel filled with contemporary style, and an architecture build by grace. “Art happens in everyday life. It should not only be in a palace hall. It should not be rare and sparse.” ZOODY is a craft that wanders between artworks and merchandises. ZOODY sells a perfect experience about aesthetics, letting the beauty flow in people’s motion. ZOODY breaks the original structure and form of shoes, aiming at infusing poetry into daily wardrobe, with innovative silhouette and design concept.

我們深信真實、善良和美好,結合傳統台灣製鞋工藝技術,全手工製作技法, 展現品牌溫潤手感及藝術性。使用全真皮的真實品質,友善的舒適性以及完美優雅的線條,能將一雙鞋的美好傳送出去 ─ 讓品牌提倡的美與精神,出現在生活週遭。當你走遍世界處處找尋美的體驗,其實「美」就在你的腳下,在充滿寶藏的土地上。
We believe in genuineness, innocence, and wonderfulness. With the combination of Taiwan traditional shoe craftsmanship and all hand-made techniques, the warm feel and artistry of ZOODY appear. With the great quality of all genuine leather, friendly comfortness, and graceful lines, ZOODY can convey the glory of a pair of shoes, enriching our life with the beauty and the spirit that praise. When you travel over the world, hoping to get an experience of beauty, yet the beauty is actually under your feet, above this plentiful and abundant land.