21SS Pond 池塘

[ 21SS Pond 池塘 ]


Still remember the snapshot of squatting besides the pond?



Tranquil waters shaped by nature, refraction brought sun into the bottom of the pond. Diverse shades of green and blue were piled up for a presentation. Sounds of frogs and bugs were on the stage one after another. Dragonfly and damselfly were gathering, or actually passing through. 


Photosynthesis explained why biological forms, all kinds of glamorous hues, sounds and postures were presented. Allow me to pause in the static, shiny moment.



The tranquil pons in the afternoon were recalled from my childhood memory, for its beauty and purity - a memory for my helpless, real, grown up life.

[設計元素 Elements of design]

池塘邊/蛙/水生動植物 Pond/ Frog/ The aquatic

 [系列顏色 Series colors]

池綠/黃棕/米白 Green of the pond/ Yellow or brown/ Off-White

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